The latest guidelines for dyi: change your home door lock

Jan 12

Many people nowadays have decided to change their door locking system, because they move into a new property, experience a burglary or get a roommate. Once you have ensured your requirements to change your home door lock, you can focus on the smart and successful approach to do it on your own. You can rekey the lock with an appropriate kit labeled for its popular brand when you do not wish to replace the overall lock set. Keep in mind that your deadbolt can be replaced by a professional locksmith service such as

You can change a deadbolt and switch out your knobs based on your requirements.

Replace a knob lock 

dyi: change your home door lock

It is the most suitable time to find out how to safely replace a knob lock on your home door. You have to focus on and do the following step by step guidelines.

  • Remove old lock’s screws on the inside of your home door
  • Use the same brand of lock that fits the door in all aspects
  • Take out all screws which secure the latch at the door’s edge
  • Wrap the most suitable cardboard template around the edge of the door
  • Put the new latch into place
  • Put the door lock together

Rekeying a lock

You may have an idea to keep the same lock and change the key for such lock. You have to do the following to realize this idea without difficulty in any aspect.

  • Buy a kit labelled for brand of your lock
  • Take the exterior door knob out
  • Pop the overall cylinder out of the knob’s back
  • Remove the retainer ring of the cylinder
  • Slide the cylinder plug out of housing of the cylinder
  • Remove the old pins from the plug of the cylinder
  • Insert new pins which match the code as per instructions
  • Reassemble the lock

Change a deadbolt

You can change a deadbolt of a lock soon after you have planned to successfully change your home door lock.  You have to remove the faceplates of the old deadbolt. If you have done it, then you have to remove the set plate and also bolt. The next step is to rekey the outdated deadbolt. You can take this deadbolt to a qualified locksmith when you have lost the key. Install the set plate and bolt of a new deadbolt. The last step is to attach new faceplates in a proper way and secure these faceplates with relevant screws.